Poet Ted Hughes on writing

 Ted Hughes

Ted Hughes

In children's writer Michael Morpurgo's delightful book of short stories and essays, Singing for Mrs Pettigrew: a story-maker's journey, he writes about the impact poet Ted Hughes had on his students [and himself] in a BBC School Radio series segment, 'Poetry in the Making'.

I photocopied and blu-tacked Ted Hughes' words as related by Morpurgo by my desk:

'Here was one of the great poets saying: "Here's how I do it; you can do it too. Anyone can. You just drink in the world around you. Look, feel, dream, read - and then tell it your own way. And when you write, listen hard and you can hear the music in the words, aloud in your head. Make music and meaning merge. And it must matter. You have to care."

And as Morpurgo writes: 'We really do have it in us to be writers, to be storytellers; we have only to find our voices.'