I recently picked up a copy of Rookie Yearbook Three, partly because I love the actual website [] and because I think the creator of Rookie, Tavi Gevinson, is pretty fantastic.

At 11 she created her own fashion blog, Style Rookie, and went on to create the online magazine Rookie, which is by, and about, teenage girls and young women. Although, I think the readers probably extend beyond this demographic.

What I love about Rookie: it’s about being creative; expressing yourself through numerous mediums; figuring out how to get through the everyday stuff of living; dealing with pretty hefty issues such as sexuality, sense of self, vocations, relationships etc; finding role models and simply being a fan if you don’t want to create original stuff. Also, great graphics and the monthly themes are brilliant.

When Tavi was here in Melbourne for the Writer’s Festival in 2013, she gave an interview and commented that one of her role models was David Wilson who runs the Los Angeles Museum of Jurassic Technology [which sounds pretty amazing, huh?]. Remarking on her visit to interview Wilson, she said:

“And I saw this Silver Bullet mobile home he lives in out the back, surrounded by all these cacti, and I felt, ‘This is the goal. To be happy in somewhere sunny, to run a place that you feel maybe inspires people, or at least inspires you, and does justice to all the things you truly love.’”

I think this girl is an old soul. And very cool.

Check out a talk Tavi gave at TEDxTeen, “Still figuring it out”,  and definitely check out