We the people...

The global Women's March protests against Trump (the 'minority' president) and against discrimination of all kinds, was an amazingly wonderful action of resistance on Day 1 of Trump's presidential term. It also stood out as a hopeful contrast to the frightening and bitter nationalistic rhetoric spewed yesterday by Trump at his inauguration. 

 As Gloria Steinem said in her speech in Washington, the beginning of the Constitution reads, 'We the people...' ( and there has been much doubt cast about whether Trump has ever read the Constitution...), not 'I the President...'. This was a demonstration  for the people and their rights, against a man and his cabinet of cronies who seem bent on serving themselves, not the American public in its entirety. 

One chant from Washington I particularly loved:

'We want a leader, not a creepy tweeter.'


And the knitted pink 'pussy' hats - brilliant.

Love Trumps Hate