#muslimban protests - bringing people together

 Photo: Nuccio Di Nuzzo/Chicago Tribune 

Photo: Nuccio Di Nuzzo/Chicago Tribune 

It's been a horrifying few days in the news cycle regarding the Trump administration's Muslim ban (and an incredibly weak response by the Australian government who seem intent on protecting whatever deals are on the table currently with Trump). Despite the Trumpians' 'alternative facts' translating as an 'alternative reality' that this isn't a ban on Muslims - many around the world and in the US see it for what it is and are outraged. 

So when an image such as this circulates, it gives hope, which we sorely need right now.

Love Trumps Hate.

It's also a stark reminder we need to continue supporting refugees and asylum seekers here in Australia. Check out the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and the wonderful work they're doing: ASRC