life on earth

image: @oliverjeffers

image: @oliverjeffers

The results of the UN biodiversity report has been made public.

As artist/writer Oliver Jeffers pointed out on IG today - it’s devastating.

Here’s what he wrote:

“The UN undertook the largest survey of life on the planet and the results are devastating. 
Since the end of WW2 humanity has thrived and prospered like never before, but- as has been becoming increasingly obvious - our good times have come at the expense of everything else alive on the planet. 
Almost a million species of plants and animals are close to extinction. In the space of one human lifetime we have managed to already eradicate 60% of life on earth.
Enough is enough. 
There is a ten year window to make a difference if we start immediately. 
Personal lifestyle changes help, but real solutions will only come from the top down and politicians only act in order to be re-elected. So speak with your votes and your wallets. Make it very obvious you want life -not just humanity, but life all life on earth- to continue to thrive.”