I'm not chic

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Japanese band, noodles, just released a new album ‘I’m not chic’ with this awesome album cover artwork by Yoshitomo Nara.

Yep, I’m so not chic.

Notre Dame

Image: @shakespeareandcoparis

Image: @shakespeareandcoparis

Notre Dame, the morning after the fire.

Still can’t believe it.

stars down


Mood - chill.

Love this - So Inagawa’a remix of mouse on the keys’ track, ‘Stars Down’, featuring Dominique Fils-Aime.

Check it out.

more poetry

Jeremy Deller’s billboard in Swansea, 2014

Jeremy Deller’s billboard in Swansea, 2014

Yes - whether it’s actual poetry, a way of seeing the world, or a way to reach out to others on the street - we could do with some more poetry in the world.

British artist Jeremy Deller’s billboard pasting was created in 2014 on a large wall of Swansea’s Quadrant Shopping Centre, UK. It was commissioned as part of a celebration of the centenary of poet Dylan Thomas’ birth.

the secret garden of the pyramid

Image: @jr ‘The Secret Garden of the Pyramid’ 2019

Image: @jr ‘The Secret Garden of the Pyramid’ 2019

The beauty of street art – its life is shaped by the street.

 It might get pasted or painted over, tagged, torn down, hosed off, collapsed with a building, get worn by the elements, or it might last for a very long time. 

Artist JR knows this. To celebrate 30 years of the Louvre pyramid designed by architect I.M. Pei, he created alongside 400 volunteers, an optical illusion paste-up on a massive scale called, ‘The Secret Garden of the Pyramid’. Made from 2000 sheets of recycled printed paper, the paste-up/collage provides a fantastical glimpse of what lies beneath the pyramid, as if the structure is emerging from an archaeological dig. 

But as JR wrote on IG the day the artwork was open to the public:  “Once pasted, the art piece lives on its own. The sun dries the light glue and with every step, people tear pieces of the fragile paper. The process is all about participation of volunteers, visitors, and souvenir catchers. This project is also about presence and absence, about reality and memories, about impermanence.”

Over the 3 days it has been visible the artwork has gradually been abraded by foot traffic and visitors tearing pieces away to take home as souvenirs. 

It was never meant to last. JR believes as a living artist, his artwork needs to be alive – to have a life of its own – which stands in stark contrast to the surrounding Louvre museum where artworks are collected and looked after in perpetuity. 

It was never meant to last, and that’s the beauty of this artwork. 


Artwork by Icy and Sot, ‘imagine a world without borders’

Artwork by Icy and Sot, ‘imagine a world without borders’

It’s #worldpoetryday, and while I’m not big on what feels like an arbitrary custom to highlight something for a day – like #worldenvironmentday should be every day, and pretty much any other cause that’s significant – here’s some poetry that goes beyond words: Icy and Sot’s installation, ‘imagine a world without borders’.

Originally from Tabriz, Iran, the sibling artists started out stencilling on the streets of their home city and now live in New York, making work in a variety of mediums internationally. Engaging with issues such as gun violence, the refugee crisis, human rights, and climate justice, the duo’s public art has an underlying purpose to advocate freedom and hope for people worldwide, and raise awareness in issues relevant to our times.  

Check out their work at https://icyandsot.com


artwork: Christian Guemy (C215, @christianguemy)

artwork: Christian Guemy (C215, @christianguemy)

Just a reminder this morning from one of my fave street artists, Christian Guemy (C215, @christianguemy), of what’s eternal and necessary:

‘Paris, eternal city of love. Love is what we need, more than ever...’

from yin to yang

art by Pejac (@pejac_art) ‘From Yin to Yang’, 2019

art by Pejac (@pejac_art) ‘From Yin to Yang’, 2019

What’s at stake…

Eloquent art work by Pejac (@pejac_art), ‘From Yin to Yang’.

climate strike

Paste-up by JR, Paris 2019

Paste-up by JR, Paris 2019

JR’s (@jr)) fantastic tribute to an epic person - Greta Thunberg (@gretathunberg).

Strike for Climate - internationally today!

Deep Seads

Underwater mural by Sean Yoro from his ‘Deep Seads’ project, 2019

Underwater mural by Sean Yoro from his ‘Deep Seads’ project, 2019

Sean Yoro’s (@the_hula) next art project goes deep underwater. 

Wanting to make a difference to the degradation of coral reefs due to climate change and pollution, Yoro’s “Deep Seads” project involves freediving to create underwater mural reefs. These artificial reefs are intended to help jump start marine growth, potentially becoming thriving reef sites for a multitude of different organisms. Importantly, all materials Yoro employs, including the pigment sticks, are eco-friendly and safe for marine ecosystems. 

For more images and the video accompanying the project, check out Yoro’s website: https://www.kapucollective.com/works/deepseads

pipsqueak was here!!!

image: @pipsqueakwashere

image: @pipsqueakwashere

Just a girl and her bear and…friends!

Love the duo behind @pipsqueakwashere. If you’ve ever read Philip Pullman’s amazing ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy beginning with ‘Northern Lights’, the concept of having a deamon, an animal companion that represents your inner-self or soul, is beautiful. This girl and her bear that features throughout their work, reminds me exactly of that.

I wouldn’t mind the bear, but I bet mine would be a cat, maybe even a panther! 

the breath of life

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 8.56.02 am.png

Having been to New Zealand a couple of times, this resonates: @_millo_ has just completed a gorgeous new mural in Whangarei, NZ, titled ‘Hongi – the breath of life’. 

 Millo explains:

’HONGI is the traditional Māori greeting in New Zealand. It is done by pressing one's nose and forehead (at the same time) to another person at an encounter.

During the hongi, the “ha”, or breath of life is exchanged and intermingled. 
The breath of life is also considered the sharing of both parties' souls.

Through the exchange of this physical greeting, one is no longer considered "manuhiri" visitor, but rather "tangata whenua”, one of the people of the land.’



Kind of love this. Yves Tumor’s track ‘Honesty’ from his album ‘Safe in the Hands of Love’ (2018). It hooks in and I keep wanting to listen to it - sizzling, funky and just a bit trippy. Check it out.

cat walk

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 9.53.20 am.png

Another gorgeous artwork by Seth (@seth_globepainter) titled ‘Cat Walk’, one of his paintings made in an old district of Shanghai. 

It’s the black cat that I love!

make love

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 12.08.25 pm.png

‘make love not war’ mural by Alice Pasquini (@alicepasquini).


breath & grace

As part of an end of year round-up, the team at NOWNESS (https://www.nowness.com) has produced a series, ‘12 Days of Performance’, featuring dancers, musicians, and prominent creative individuals, such as Sergei Polunin in this ‘capsule performance’, directed by Bunny Kinney. Simply gorgeous.

with joy

image: @murmurestreet, L’enfance de l’art : Paris

image: @murmurestreet, L’enfance de l’art : Paris

Whatever you believe in - peace, love, creativity, freedom - here's to celebrating whatever matters most to each of us - and hopefully with the people who matter most - in the coming holidays. With joy.

ice watch

image: @studioolafureliasson

image: @studioolafureliasson

How to get people in inner city areas to connect to climate change and motivate them to act? To not see climate change and its impact on the environment as an issue separate from their lives?

Artist Olafur Eliasson has partnered up with scientist Minik Rosing to create the outdoor installation, ‘Ice Watch London’ – currently on display – to address this urgent issue. The installation consists of 24 blocks of free-floating ice originating from the Greenland Ice Sheet, that was freighted and positioned on Bankside, outside the Tate Modern, London. 

Eliasson’s ‘Ice Watch’ has had previous iterations, first in Copenhagen’s city square in 2014 to coincide with the publication of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s ‘Fifth Assessment Report on Climate Change’. The Paris version was at the Place du Panthéon in 2015 for the UN Climate Conference COP21. For the London ‘Ice Watch’ Eliasson has partnered with ‘Julie’s Bicycle’ to assess the carbon impact of the project and how best to minimise it if repeated in the future.

Fished out of the Nuuk Kangerlua fjord, each block weighs between 1.5 and 6 tonnes. The Greenland Ice Sheet loses thousands of these blocks of ice throughout the year. The ice sheet took millions of years to form, and it’s melting at an accelerating rate due to global warming. 

Far from the source it’s difficult for people to imagine the melting of the ice sheet, much less the scale at which it’s happening. Eliasson hopes the project will encourage people to connect with the issue not through facts, figures, or watching videos from a distance. He wants people to have direct access to this ancient ice – to feel it, listen to it, taste it, touch it, sense it. To watch it as it melts with the eyes of the heart, mind, and emotions. 

We are not distinct from climate change, we are part of it.

 As Danish writer Josefine Klougart wrote: 'Rather than seeing culture as the indication of a difference between humanity and nature, we need to see it as the manifestation of an intimate connection. When we speak, we are nature speaking; when we think, we are nature thinking; when we control nature outside of us, we are nature controlling something within itself.'