Banksy, Brexit & Hope

This popped up on my IG feed and pretty much across the media today, Banksy's nod to Brexit in Dover: a worker chipping away at a star on the EU flag. It's sombre, bleak and the task appears daunting.

It's timely given that across the Channel, France just voted Emmanuel Macron as their new President. Pro EU, Macron is highly intelligent, dynamic, optimistic and pragmatic, Such an immense contrast to Le Pen and the swell of nationalistic politics and figureheads that have taken root in the UK and US since Brexit. It's a huge relief and so encouraging to see that despite Macron being a relative unknown politically, many in France voted against the politics of fear and hate peddled by Le Pen. And while there's cautious optimism in his win, the fact the far right gained so much support due the disillusionment, anger and powerlessness of a vast number of people (similar to Brexit and the US election), and with many abstaining from voting in the second round, I choose to see Macron's win as a good sign after so much pessimism and darkness. 

I choose to see hope.