what matters


Every day I'm reminded of what matters. I wear my Lise Vanrycke 'Love' bracelet 24/7. It's a bit battered (sorry LVR!), but it's always there on my wrist so I never forget what's important.

The cuff I also wear every day, and for ages I thought the matrixy-glyphs were just a pattern until my friend, Hanna, pointed out they were Chinese characters! She made out 'truth', 'love' and 'know’, and I was so intrigued, I contacted the jeweller, Camilla Gough, and asked for the full text. She replied that she'd lifted the text from a Chinese newspaper and was simply relieved to know she hadn't inscribed the recipe for two-minute noodles on my bracelet! Huh!

It was a relief for me as well :)