Imagine walking through a forest, the colours dense and dark with old growth trees and lush greenery. The sky is overcast, and you can smell the mulchy iron of the earth, wet from the recent rain. And perhaps you're walking aimlessly, thinking of nothing much, or you're searching for something: a sign, inspiration, a way through a difficult situation. Or you're happy simply to be in nature, away from the city smog, just so you can breathe. Out of nowhere, you come across words written in chalk on the bark of the trees: 'Trust Your Path'.

It stops you in your tracks. It makes you wonder.

This is the latest work of artist Sean Yoro, aka the hula (@the_hula). Revisiting the site of a previous biodegradable chalk work, now washed away, Yoro said this temporary piece was inspired by, "the struggles of finding your own path in life".