fragile future

‘Fragile Future III’ (2019) by Studio Drift, C'a d'Oro Museum, Venice

‘Fragile Future III’ (2019) by Studio Drift, C'a d'Oro Museum, Venice

Studio Drift’s ‘Fragile Future III’ (2019) is a poetic light installation merging nature with technology, where light is pivotal in connecting the work to its audience and environment. 

As stated by Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta, founders of Studio Drift: "'Fragile Future III' is about conveying emotion and at the same time refers to the fact that light lies at the basis of all life.”

Currently showing at the Venice Biennale in the exhibition, ‘DYSFUNCTIONAL” at C'a d'Oro Museum in Venice, the installation is situated around Renaissance artist Andrea Mantegna’s painting ‘San Sebastian’ (1506), one of the outstanding artworks of the museum’s collection. 

Integral to the piece is the dandelion. The sculpture consists of three-dimensional bronze electrical circuits connected to light emitting dandelions – actual dandelion seeds, that were handpicked, and glued seed by seed to LED lights. The artwork’s handmade, labour intensive creation stands in contrast to contemporary mass production and consumption. By fusing nature with technology, Studio Drift explores the evolution of both, questioning whether technological developments are any more advanced than what is found in nature, and can the two co-exist?